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  We would love to chat with you if...
Your business needs to establish a presence on the web and you're looking for affordable but professional help.
You're on the web now, but ready to explore an updated look and need a creative mind to help design something special for your business.
Your current web developer is busy doing algebra homework and you need someone who has a bit more time to focus on your needs.
The email you sent three weeks agto to your "web guy" asking him to fix the spelling of your last name on the site, has still gone unanswered.
You're not sure where to start, what questions to ask, or how much it will cost and want someone to speak truthfully to you.
  We would NOT love to chat with you if...
You're looking for a fast talking, in your face, website salesman - becuase you won't find that here.
You're hoping to deal with a large web shop that that will treat you like a number instead of a person and will constantly tell you that you're ideas will not work with "your" new website.
You just want to know what a FATplatypus is...becasue we're not totally sure ourselves.  We're just glad that our screwey name brought you to us.